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Lori G Ashley®, D.D.

I’m the Brand name.

I went from:

  • Foster child age 6

  • Adopted age 12

  • Veteran/Military age 17

  • Wife & mother

  • Divorce and single mother

  • Cosmetology school

  • D.D.

  • SC statewide, 3rd option homeschool association director

  • 2014 Brand opened (TM)

  • 2016 Brand Trdemark was approved ®.

I am a happy nobody country girl with glam-per style.

Who knew that a car wreck caused by an oncoming drunk driver in my teens that left my face with scars I have since striven to cover, would lead me to selling makeup products I created to the world?!

 I have my supportive family and friends to be thankful for.  Their encouragement and support is why I am here today,

I am truly blessed and thankful to my loyal customers since 2014.

We have ALL endured the hardships our over zealous, crooked politicians and government people at every level that have caused destruction to small businesses. 

I pray every business that suffered and closed down due to the ridiculous shut downs, will re-open sooner than later or never.

This is AMEICA. We the People hold the power! Government works for We the People. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

Team Members


Angie Thomas


I oversee the planning, development and execution of the Brand initiatives. 

  • Lori & I have been best friends for most of our lives.

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Mr. A. Leon

I oversee the development and dissemination of technology and deal with internal IT operations

  • Combat Vet

  • Lori is my mother.

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Elijah Goldsmith

I oversee the company's operations. 

  • Lori is my mother.

crystal Bruns.jpg

Crystal Bruns
Chief Marketing Officer

I am responsible for providing direction, guidance and leadership of the Brand.

  • "Lotus Flower" is my nick name for Lori.

  • Lori is my Gd Mother.

  • Lori was the marriage officiant of my wedding too!

Behind the scene

Have contributed in some form to the Brand.​

  • Bill A.

  • Leslie C.

  • Alayah G.

  • Quasia G.

  • Kimberly G.

  • Udana H.

  • Charles L.

  • Ashlynn M.

  • Deb M.

  • Pam M.

  • Vicki M.

  • Teresa N.

  • Lisa P.

  • Briana S.

  • Darlene W.

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