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Meet The Team

Lori G Ashley

Lori G Ashley®, D.D.


I’m the Brand name.

I went from:

  • Foster child age 6

  • Adopted age 12

  • Veteran/Military age 17

  • Wife & mother

  • Divorce and single mother

  • Cosmetology school

  • D.D.

  • SC statewide, 3rd option homeschool association director using my middle name for privacy reason. 2000-2010

  • 2014 Brand opened (TM)

  • 2016 Brand Trademark was approved ®.

We the People hold the power! Government works for We the People. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! TRUMP WON!



Bill Ashley



Chief Business Development Officer

I oversee the planning, development and execution of the Brand initiatives.

  • Lori is my ex-wife

Quaisia Goldsmith

Quaisia Goldsmith



Chief Marketing Officer

I am responsible for providing direction, guidance and leadership of the Brand.

  • "Lori" is my Mother In-Law

Leslie Snyder

Leslie Snyder



Chief Information Officer

 I oversee IT operations within the Brand

  • Lori & I are best friends.

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Alayah G

I help develop brand products.

  • Lori is my grandmother

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Anthony Leon


Chief Technology Officer

 I oversees ongoing tech end of business operations within the Brand

  • 2 combat tours veteran

  • Lori is my mother

Elijah Goldsmith

Elijah Goldsmith



Chief Operating Officer

 I oversees ongoing business operations within the Brand

  • Lori is my mother

Team Building



  • W. A

  • C. B.

  • L. C.

  • E. G.

  • A. G.

  • U. H.

  • A. M.

  • P. M.

  • T. N.

  • D. W.

  • L. W

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